iOS Engineer

  1. 4 to 7 years of Experience
  2. Expertise in one or more of the following: Swift, Flutter, React Native.
  3. Extensive experience with iOS Frameworks such as UIKit, Core Animation, and Foundation APIs.
  4. Deep knowledge of remote APIs, concurrency, layouts, transitions, animations, client side persistence and modern architectural patterns.
  5. Proficient at adopting and adapting agile workflows to suit the needs of individual teams.

  1. Collaborate with product managers and designers to define data-driven product specifications.
  2. Enable and ship high-quality bug-free applications on a regular and rapid cadence.
  3. Create scalable, modular, and extensible UI components that are leveraged by other engineers.
  4. Identify and correct performance bottlenecks for jank-free user experiences across all devices.
  5. Construct comprehensive automated testing with efficient integration into CI/CD environments.
  6. Find and fix bugs faster than the time it takes for users to experience such bugs.

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