Sr. FE (Web) / FE

  1. 6+ years of programming experience.
  2. Expertise in building intuitive, rich and functional user interfaces using ReactJS.
  3. Expertise in collaborating on UI/UX designs to ensure their technical feasibility and user value
  4. Expertise in building the fundamental components, libraries, and utilities that enhance the productivity and creativity of all front-end developers
  5. Expertise in GraphQL schema design, Apollo-Client caching, and colocated queries/fragments.
  6. Expertise in profiling and optimizing web-applications for maximum speed and scalability.
  7. Proficiency in Docker-based local development
  8. Experience leading major initiatives, projects, and teams.
  9. Experience building and shipping demonstrably high-impact work
  10. Experience in utilizing data and analysis to explain technical problems in layman’s terms.

  1. Collaborate with product managers and designers to define data-driven product specifications.
  2. Enable and ship high-quality bug-free applications on a regular and rapid cadence.
  3. Create scalable, modular, and extensible UI components that are leveraged by other engineers.
  4. Design and implement client-first GraphQL schemas that reflect the user experience rather than leak database-implementation details.
  5. Identify and correct performance bottlenecks for low-latency user experiences.
  6. Construct comprehensive automated testing with efficient integration into CI/CD environments.
  7. Find and fix bugs faster than the time it takes for users to experience such bugs.