Sr. Data Engineer

  1. 5+ years’ experience with ETL and OLAP as a data engineer with pipelines still in production.
  2. 5+ years’ experience with SQL, data modeling, performance tuning and E2E process optimization.
  3. 5+ years’ experience with Kubernetes, Airflow, or other orchestration platforms.
  4. 5+ years’ experience in the following: Golang GCP Big Query/Dataflow or equivalent Grafana Kafka
  5. Capable of working with multiple tools and programming languages.
  6. Effectively communicate through multiple mediums: presentations, dashboards, brand and language specific company datasets, bots and more.
  7. Proficient at adopting and adapting agile workflows.
  8. Working with your peers and thought leaders to understand and define dataengineering best practices.
  9.  BA/BS in Computer Science, Math, Physics, or other technical fields.

  1. Collaborate with Data Analytics, and other Data Engineers to define pipeline requirements.
  2. Enable and ship high-quality bug-free pipelines and views on a regular and rapid cadence used by Data Science and Data Analytics teams.
  3. Create scalable and extensible data acquisition systems leveraging multiple API’s.
  4. Implement golden tests within pipelines for output verification.
  5. Integrate CI/CD for systems and processes as needed.
  6. Ensure data robustness and validity within ETL and OLAP efforts.

New Emerging World Of Journalism Limited
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