Cataloger / Cataloging Manager

  1. Developing and promoting metadata and data lineage management, data cataloging practices and benefit awareness
  2. To Profile and provide analysis and assessment of metadata quality using various industry best practices and tools
  3. Define our data catalog business rules
  4. Testing and validating metadata and data catalog requirements
  5. To Measure and monitor data catalog quality continuously
  6. To Manage data catalog issues and correct data catalog defects
  7. To Support appropriate capture and management of data lineage
  8. To Design and implement operational metadata and data catalog quality management procedures
  9. Monitoring operational data catalog management procedures and performance

  1. Three years using data cataloging tools and concepts including metadata capture and management to enable self-serve analytics and easy access to data
  2. Experience working with data management tools
  3. Experience in managing and resolving data related issues and ensuring regulatory compliance policies are followed for data
  4. An Undergraduate degree or relevant professional experience the field of Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science or Information Management or a similar discipline
  5. The ability to actively listen, understand complex issues, and synthesize the information distilling it down to the relevant implications for Enterprise Data

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