DevOps Engineer

  1. 5 years of experience working with Kubernetes and 4 years in GCP
  2. Experience with microservices and containerized applications
  3. Experience with MongoDB, Postgres, and Redis
  4. Must be well versed in shell scripting and automation language of choice
  5. Have a solid understanding of the application stack and specifically networking
  6. Have demonstrable experience managing or developing a multi-tenanted SaaS
  7. Preferred Experience using Golang or Rust and GCP ML technologies.
  8. Have an understanding of GPU-based deployments
  9. Have an understanding of distributed systems and applications of technologies like Airflow, MLflow, Beam, Spark, etc.
  10. Ability to engage with technical and business stakeholders with good oral and written communication.

  1. Build and deploy k8s configs for new and existing pipelines and services
  2. Implement and maintain tooling to ensure pipeline and service uptime.
  3. Define service and systems monitoring and escalation procedures
  4. Ensure data resilience through failover and backups
  5. Managing and monitoring Cloud and Infrastructure spend
  6. Work across engineering to provide support within day-to-day technical operations
  7. Contribute to the Agile environment by thinking out of the box and continuously wanting to structurally improve the ways of working, the technical stability, and the speed at which changes are delivered

New Emerging World Of Journalism Limited
Navbharat Estates, Zakaria Bunder Road, Sewri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400015