Backend Engineer

  1. 5 to 9 years of programming experience
  2. Expertise in creation, extension, and maintenance of high-scale Node.js microservices.
  3. Expertise in creation, extension, and maintenance of GraphQL APIs with Apollo
  4. Expertise in GraphQL Schema stitching and/or Federation
  5. Expertise in SQL and NoSQL architectures, data-modeling, and query optimization.
  6. Expertise in creation, extension, and maintenance of multi-region Kubernetes clusters.
  7. Experience with Big Query or similar data warehousing solutions
  8. Experience improving application stability through thoughtful code reviews, appropriate testing. proper rollout, monitoring, and proactive changes.

  1. Collaborate with full-stack and mobile engineers to define service specifications and schemas
  2. Enable and ship high-quality bug-free services on a regular and rapid cadence.
  3. Create scalable, modular, and extensible services that are leveraged by other engineers.
  4. Design and implement data-models that are stable, resilient, and scalable.
  5. Identify and correct performance bottlenecks for low-latency APIs across all environments
  6. Construct comprehensive automated testing with efficient integration into CI/CD environment
  7. Find and fix bugs faster than the time it takes for clients to experience such bugs.

New Emerging World Of Journalism Limited
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