कलम का सिपाही is a Purpose-led Campaign by NEWJ aimed at empowering youngsters in non-metros more employable in the video journalism and creative media fields by bridging the employablity-skills gap.

The Skill Employability Gap in India is huge, spanning across different sectors. To add to it, employability is at a greater risk due to the COVID impact especially in the journalism and creative fields.

One of the core missions at NEWJ is to encourage diversity at workplace. The mission also aims to build a workforce which represents the real India beyond metro cities. कलम का सिपाही will drive this mission further and will empower youth primarily from emerging towns and cities.

Dedicate 4-5 hours in every phase to impart skills to youngsters through daylong workshops
Skills to be imparted: Writing, Video Editing, Filming and Shooting, Anchoring, Basics of Social Media
Register as a Volunteer
  • Must be between the age of 18-25
  • Must understand basic Hindi/English and/or Marathi, Tamil
  • Has a keen interest in pursuing a career in video journalism or creative media fields
  • Register as a Learner Here