Learnings in Product Operations

By Kunal Chaudhary

Thursday, December 30th 2021

As a new age media company, we’re constantly focused on reinventing our broader strategy and long-term goals. While we transition from content-focused operations to product-centric operations, here are some of my learnings in product development:

  1. A clearly defined vision - A product vision will always lie at the core of your product: what problems is it solving, for whom, and how can it be built to deliver efficiency and convenience. A Product vision gives your team a bigger picture of what they are working on and why.
  2. Best Optimum Utilisation - In almost every product form, there are certain tasks that are repetitive and procedural. Identifying these and automating should be paramount to deliver optimisation and give the team time to solve complex matters.
  3. Process flow - Defining user journeys, building wireframes and solving for utility and functionality are pillars for success. These set up a constant feedback loop on which to gain data and build insights. Carefully balancing between manual and automated processes could also solve for short term objectives. 
  4. Communication - I always believe it is better to over communicate. Both within your team as well as across the company, be it with decision makers, executors, local or global teams. Every conversation and meeting must have a purpose. And every loop needs to be closed while ensuring we don’t waiver from our final objectives.
  5. Building a team and scale - A team should be built with passionate, responsible members who believe in the solution being provided by the company. Only then can they delve into granular details and account for every aspect within a user journey. Building strong foundations with such a team enables expedited opportunities for scale within both internal processes, metrics but more importantly for customer solutions and value addition.

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