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Listen To What It Is Like To Be A Mother For Preeti Jhangiani
#MothersDaySpecial:-"अपनी मां को granted ना ले" Preeti Jhangiani ने बताया उनकी जिंदगी में मां की importance, साथ ही motherhood का experience भी किया share Preeti Jhangiani #FilmyNEWJExclusive #motherhood #AajNEWJDekhaKya
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The unCOMMONS: What’s It Is To Be A Woman, Disabled And Athlete In India?
The unCOMMONS: She is an athlete. She is also disabled. This is the story of Geeta Chauhan and the story of her sheer grit, determination, courage, and never-dying passion to achieve her goals. #TheunCOMMONS #AajNEWJDekhaKya
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The unCOMMONS: Meet "Patil Kaki" From Shark Tank
The unCOMMONS: Remember “Patil Kaki” from “Shark Tank India” who fuelled her snacks business in lockdown? Here’s the story she did not reveal in “Shark Tank” #AajNEWJDekhaKya #PatilKaki #TheunCOMMONS
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#FilmyNEWJExclusive- Akhilendra Mishra On Downfall Of Bollywood And Many More
#FilmyNEWJExclusive : Akhilendra Mishra ने बताया क्यों हो रहा है Bollywood फिल्मों का Boycott, भगवान राम की अहमियत को लेकर भी कही बड़ी बात! #AkhilendraMishra #AajNEWJDekhaKya
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Exclusive: The Kashmir Files Director Vivek Agnihotri Shares His Views On The FIRs And PILs Against Him And His Movie.
Exclusive : The Kashmir Files को लेकर जान से मारने की धमकी मिलने पर Director Vivek Agnihotri ने दिया जबरदस्त reaction साथ ही Darshan Kumar ने अपने रोल को लेकर की खास बातचीत. #TheKashmirFiles Vivek Agnihotri Darshan Kumaar
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